Quesadilla (How you want)

We’ll start you out with tortilla & cheddar / pepper-jack blend in your choice of cheese , you add to rest
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Grilled Cheese (How You want)

We’ll start you out with slices of Yards ESA Multigrain Toast & your choice of cheese. You add the rest
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Sloppy Tofu Popper

Tofu Popper, homemade Veganaise, Sauteed brussel sprouts, Arugula, Thick sliced tomatoes, Caramelized Onions
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Healthy Hummus Wrap

Homemade Hummus served with fresh & roasted Vegetables
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Turkey Lurkey Wrap

turkey wrap
Turkey, Apple, Bacon, Spring mix, Arugula & some other stuff
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Sweet Bahn Mi

The Vietnamese classic with homemade twist
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The Chicken Jawn

Baked Chicken Breast with sharp provolone, Roasted tomatoes spinach, Caramelized onions, Homemade balsamic-pesto on a ciabatta with the thinnest spread of stone ground mustard
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