Why Preston & Steve

Because THEY ROCK!

I had, for many years terrible sleep patterns. Waking up evolved into a daily gauntlet of crawling from strategically placed alarm clock to tactically placed alarm clock. Every morning I literally would have to turn off several alarms between my bed and bathroom.

Then around 1998 in my 11th grade year I accidentally left one of them set to radio instead of alarm. I remember waking up laughing. Before my eyes were even open, I remember being face down on the carpet and laughing.
The next morning I set my first alarm to Y100 and low and behold, I woke up laughing … and did not fall back asleep.

Over the last nearly 2 decades I have begun my mornings laughing with, sharing, growing with philly with … they at first glance seem like a typical morning show. But quickly it’s evident they are not only champions of Philadelphia (from blood drives and hair for cancer drives to the world record setting food drives and general regular support of local police, fire fighters and general civic raddness) but sincerely awesome people.

So much of my life has been possible only by being 15 minutes early at the ass crack of dawn.
Preston & Steve have been there making me laugh the whole time.

They are 1 of so many reasons I feel privileged to be a Philadelphian


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