Delonghi Espresso Maker – Enjoy The Taste Of An Espresso In The Comfort Of Your Home

Anyone considering and researching the purchase of a coffee machine that makes espresso is likely to come across the Delonghi ec155 espresso maker. This model has received many favorable reviews from consumers who enjoy espresso. Those who take their coffee very seriously report that it makes a very satisfactory cup of espresso. Beginners who would like to skip the chain shops and enjoy a good cup at home also report good results.

There are several main differences between a premium brand such as the Delonghi espresso coffee maker and the less expensive Keurig models widely available from discount merchants. One factor that really makes a difference in terms of flavor and having an enjoyable coffee drinking experience is that the Delonghi EC155 espresso maker is a pump driven machine.

This means the machine makes for greater pressure than a steam machine. It keeps an optimum temperature, whereas many steam machines will tend to have water that is too hot to give the best taste.

Pump machines generally require less coffee for each individual espresso. These factors mean that the pump machine will in general tend to produce an overall better tasting cup of espresso. Coffee experts say that a pump machine produces a better crema, which is the creamy top layer that comes out on top of the cup. Serious coffee drinkers consider the crema to be very important, but the casual everyday drinker enjoys the look and smoothness of a fine crema as well.

The Delonghi EC155 espresso maker has a very attractive design. It has a compact footprint so it does not take up a great deal of space on the kitchen counter. The various convenience factors include that it heats up quickly, you can easily see the water level in the reservoir, and that it holds enough to make 8 cups without refilling the water container.

It comes with a built-in tamper. There is a frothing wand so the machine can also be used as the Delonghi espresso cappuccino maker for those who enjoy frothy coffee treats, both hot and iced.

This machine can be used with pods, or ready-packaged small single serving packets of espresso grind coffee. Many users find these to be a very convenient way to enjoy a quality cup of espresso super-fast and easy. The Delonghi espresso maker can also be used with loose ground coffee. It pays to remember that these are quality machines and it is necessary to maintain them regularly and properly take care of them. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

It is also a good idea to decalcify the machine periodically. Many users have found this machine very easy to take apart for a regular routine of cleaning. Many purchasers have found the Delonghi EC155 espresso maker to be easy to use and feel they received good value for the price of the machine.

Most importantly, coffee drinkers report that it produces a very tasty cup of espresso or coffee with the good flavor and crema that they are looking for in this kind of a machine.…

Keep Your Coffee Hot And Fresh With A Thermal Coffee Maker

Almost everyone who loves coffee has a coffee maker. But one problem that is constantly shared by coffee maker owners is that their coffee gets cold too quickly when they brew it at home. This leads them to either throw out the excess coffee, or even do the alternative and just go to a deli and buy a coffee there. That way they only pay for what they are going to drink, and don’t waste anything. Well there has to be a solution to keep the coffee hotter.

 That is why coffee maker manufacturers came out with a thermal coffee maker. Thermal coffee makers offer a way to keep your coffee hot, and also can brew it, all in the same machine. It works just like a thermos, except that it allows you to never have to transfer the coffee into a thermos. This is done by changing the carafe. Most coffee makers have glass, see through carafes which do not do a good job of keeping the heat in. They used current technology that are used in thermos’ to make a new carafe.

A thermal carafe coffee maker uses a stainless steel carafe that holds heat in extra long, keeping your coffee hot and for much longer too. This keeps your coffee fresh as well, and eliminates the need to keep warming your coffee using your stove or an electric burner, which saves gas or electricity.

Actually on most models you can set the coffee to brew in advance, so that you can wake up to hot coffee, or maybe set it before you go out on a morning job, and you won’t have to worry about it being cold since it is sealed inside of the carafe.

One other advantage is that you won’t have to throw away the extra coffee after you have your one cup. You can save some for someone else in your family, or some more for yourself later. If you are looking for a nice thermal coffee maker, then you can’t go wrong with a Cuisinart thermal coffee maker. I personally have model DCC-1150 and have loved it since I got it.

It can make up to ten cups automatically, and features a twenty four hour timer that you can brew whenever you want the maker to brew. It comes with the brew pause feature so that you can pour while it is brewing.

 The carafe is double insulated so that it keeps the coffee extra warm. It is strong and durable, but just in case it comes with a three year limited warranty. It also has a built in water filter that purifies the water, which in turn purifies the coffee in the process.

It is designed with a sense of class and can be used anywhere in your home. Overall, if you are in the market for a thermal coffee maker, you should seriously consider a Cuisinart. Thermal coffee makers are much better than regular coffee makers, are inexpensive, and can really keep your coffee hot and fresh.…

Cuisinart Makes The Best Coffee Makers On The Market

Whether you are looking for a regular coffee maker or an advanced programmable coffee maker with all the bells and whistles, Cuisinart is the brand you should shop for. These coffee makers, have an excellent reputation for being reliable, but most importantly they make great coffee.

Below are some of the models and features of Cuisinart coffee maker products:

Cuisinart 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker (DCC-1100) Retails for $59.99
This reasonably priced model has all of the features of what you’d expect from a top coffee maker. It has stainless steel accents, which would make this unit blend in perfectly on your countertop with your other appliances. This model makes 12 cups of coffee. It has 24-hour programmable features and it’s available in a variety of colors. The coffee pot is ergonomic, which makes it easier to pick up and pour coffee out of the carafe. This model comes with a three-year warranty.

Cuisinart Grind & Brew 12 Cup Automatic Coffee Maker (DGB-550BK)Retails for $99.99
The Grind & Brew is a 12 cup coffee maker that grinds the coffee beans freshly before making the coffee. This ensures you’ll get the freshest cup of coffee possible. This model is programmable, up to 24 hours before being used. There is a patented brew pause feature, that lets you get a cup of coffee before the whole pot is finished. This is a great feature if you’re on the run, and you don’t want to wait until the entire pot is finished.

There is an auto shut-off feature, up to four hours. This is programmable as well. The grinder and filter areas are separate which make cleaning up the grinds easier. This coffee maker comes with a three-year warranty too. In addition, this model comes with a gold tone filter, so one doesn’t have to buy paper filters at the supermarket.

Cuisinart Grind & Brew 12 Cup Automatic Coffee Maker (DGB-700BC) Retails for $169.99

This higher end model of the Grind and Brew coffee makers, is differentiated in a few key details. This unit contains a burr grinder. This type of grinder grinds the coffee without damaging the integrity of the bean, which leads to a richer flavour. The unit can hold up to a half pound of coffee beans, and can differentiate how you’d like your coffee made, strong, medium or mild.

Cuisinart Coffee Makers also come in ten cup and fourteen cup models as well. If you are looking for a 10 cup coffee maker, I’d recommend the following:

Cusinart Flavor Brew 10 Cup Coffee Maker (DCC-755) Retail Price $69.99

The Flavor Brew is designed to preserve countertop space. This thermal programmable coffee maker is made to keep your coffee hot and fresh for many hours. It comes with four different cup settings and is available in two colors, black and white. This unit has a “memory” function, that it will remember settings if power is interrupted during the brewing process.

Cuisinart Brew Central 14 Cup Coffee Maker (DCC-2600) Retails for $99.95

This Cuisinart coffee maker model has all the features of the 12 cup model, except it makes more coffee. The DCC-2600 has a setting for strength of coffee, whether you like it regular or strong. This model comes in stainless steel and is exceptional to look at.…

Braun Coffee Maker – Quality Products At An Incredibly Competitive Price

Picking the right coffee maker for your home is an important, yet tough decision. Some people may think, it’s coffee, why does the coffee maker matter, it is all the same coffee beans going into it? Well, the coffee maker can have a big effect on the taste of your coffee. When selecting a coffee maker, the first brand to consider should be a Braun.

Braun is an industry leader in coffee makers for eighty years now since the nineteen twenties. Braun has been a brand of quality, longevity, and class. They are well respected as well they should be. One of my eldest relatives actually has their coffee maker from the nineteen thirties and still makes coffee with it every day!

Braun is not only making the best coffee makers, but it offers an incredibly competitive price. They have perfected their production and they are efficient in their material usage. This allows them to charge less than their competition and ultimately provide you, the consumer, the most value for your hard earned dollar. These machines provide greater value than other machines, not just because of a low price, but longevity allows it to make your coffee for decades. It pays for itself in a year and the rest is just gravy.

Braun coffee makers have a few special features. One of those features is that you can set a timer for the machine to make your coffee so that when you get up out of bed, it will be ready and hot when you wake up! It also is very fast at brewing. The Braun models feature Brita water filters which help purify the water ending up making a better tasting coffee. Braun twelve cup coffee makers are great at making multiple cups for your family. I personally have one, and I am loving every cup it makes. It has a pause and serve feature that allows you to pour a cup as it is being brewed.

It is not that large as a whole and does not waste space on your counter. The coffee tastes better than any cups I have ever had, and I have been drinking coffee for decades now. It also has a way to turn the hot plate off automatically, and adjust the temperatures with ease. A Braun twelve cup coffee maker is one of the best coffee makers out there for under one hundred dollars.

The Braun Tassimo coffee maker is also another great product from Braun. This machine can brew coffee with the touch of a button in under a minutes time. There is no need to measure as it makes a perfect cup of coffee. It never makes a mess since the cup goes right under the spout where the coffee comes out. They are reasonable in price at only around sixty dollars.

Overall, if you are in the market for a coffee maker, you would be hard pressed to find a better coffee maker out there than a Braun coffee maker.…

Does Breville’s Espresso Maker Hold Its Own?

Praised by such high a luminary as Oprah, referenced on the tongue in cheek horror-comedy Shaun of the Dead, and generally known for innovation in the appliance industry, the Breville brand has truly stood the test of time. But that puts a lot of pressure on its new offerings, such as the Breville Cafe Roma espresso maker.

Does this product do the original founders proud, or does it bring shame to the names of O’Brien and Norville? Well, at the end of the day, it’s perhaps a little bit of both, but you can read further and decide for yourself.

Like all things, the Breville espresso maker isn’t divinely perfect, but it’s not half bad, either. To start with the negative and get it out of the way, the Achilles heel in this espresso maker is the double wall filter. It’s not to say that they’re bad at filtering… far from it! In fact, they’re so good that they result in some of the smoothest espressos you could ever ask for.

However, because they’re so fine, these filters can sometimes get clogged, and the pumps for the Breville espresso makers aren’t quite strong enough to counter that. This means that you’ll be spending a lot of extra time cleaning them out on a fairly regular basis.

Besides being a lot of needless trouble, the cleaning process can also be expensive. However, not all individual models clog up frequently. But sometimes bad luck of the draw will screw you over, and you’ll wind up with one that manages to get clogged up on a weekly basis, which is enough to make anyone want to tear their hair out. In addition, the inner workings for the filter are just fiddly enough to be mildly annoying when doing mass batches of coffee.

This isn’t really a product meant for business use or large parties. It’s clearly intended for personal use with individuals and small families, where messing with the filter is done only once or twice a day or so. But lest you think it’s an unredeemable product, let’s take a look at the good side of the Breville Roma espresso maker.

The same filters that cause so much trouble also result in excellent quality espresso, as mentioned above. In addition, the frothing is incredibly smooth, and the frothing wand can handle everything from skim milk all the way up to fairly thick cream.

This espresso maker makes cafe quality coffee, no doubt about it. Actual coffee aside, it has many minor conveniences as well to make up for those darn filters. The temperature is adjustable within a fairly broad range. The stainless steel makes it a cinch to clean, too. And despite the machine’s general versatility and quality of output, it’s easy enough to use that even the uninitiated can quickly get the hang of it. So, is the Breville espresso maker worth it?

Really, the answer to that question depends on your needs. If you’re willing to put in a little extra work for a great cup of coffee, then hands down this is a great choice for you. However, if you want something that ‘just works,’ then you may find this Breville offering to be a waste of your presumably scarce time. While not quite as efficient or streamlined as it could be, this model certainly makes great coffee, so it’s just a matter of figuring out your priorities for time versus coffee appreciation.…