Delonghi Espresso Maker – Enjoy The Taste Of An Espresso In The Comfort Of Your Home

Anyone considering and researching the purchase of a coffee machine that makes espresso is likely to come across the Delonghi ec155 espresso maker. This model has received many favorable reviews from consumers who enjoy espresso. Those who take their coffee very seriously report that it makes a very satisfactory cup of espresso. Beginners who would like to skip the chain shops and enjoy a good cup at home also report good results.

There are several main differences between a premium brand such as the Delonghi espresso coffee maker and the less expensive Keurig models widely available from discount merchants. One factor that really makes a difference in terms of flavor and having an enjoyable coffee drinking experience is that the Delonghi EC155 espresso maker is a pump driven machine.

This means the machine makes for greater pressure than a steam machine. It keeps an optimum temperature, whereas many steam machines will tend to have water that is too hot to give the best taste.

Pump machines generally require less coffee for each individual espresso. These factors mean that the pump machine will in general tend to produce an overall better tasting cup of espresso. Coffee experts say that a pump machine produces a better crema, which is the creamy top layer that comes out on top of the cup. Serious coffee drinkers consider the crema to be very important, but the casual everyday drinker enjoys the look and smoothness of a fine crema as well.

The Delonghi EC155 espresso maker has a very attractive design. It has a compact footprint so it does not take up a great deal of space on the kitchen counter. The various convenience factors include that it heats up quickly, you can easily see the water level in the reservoir, and that it holds enough to make 8 cups without refilling the water container.

It comes with a built-in tamper. There is a frothing wand so the machine can also be used as the Delonghi espresso cappuccino maker for those who enjoy frothy coffee treats, both hot and iced.

This machine can be used with pods, or ready-packaged small single serving packets of espresso grind coffee. Many users find these to be a very convenient way to enjoy a quality cup of espresso super-fast and easy. The Delonghi espresso maker can also be used with loose ground coffee. It pays to remember that these are quality machines and it is necessary to maintain them regularly and properly take care of them. They need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

It is also a good idea to decalcify the machine periodically. Many users have found this machine very easy to take apart for a regular routine of cleaning. Many purchasers have found the Delonghi EC155 espresso maker to be easy to use and feel they received good value for the price of the machine.

Most importantly, coffee drinkers report that it produces a very tasty cup of espresso or coffee with the good flavor and crema that they are looking for in this kind of a machine.…