Keep Your Coffee Hot And Fresh With A Thermal Coffee Maker

Almost everyone who loves coffee has a coffee maker. But one problem that is constantly shared by coffee maker owners is that their coffee gets cold too quickly when they brew it at home. This leads them to either throw out the excess coffee, or even do the alternative and just go to a deli and buy a coffee there. That way they only pay for what they are going to drink, and don’t waste anything. Well there has to be a solution to keep the coffee hotter.

 That is why coffee maker manufacturers came out with a thermal coffee maker. Thermal coffee makers offer a way to keep your coffee hot, and also can brew it, all in the same machine. It works just like a thermos, except that it allows you to never have to transfer the coffee into a thermos. This is done by changing the carafe. Most coffee makers have glass, see through carafes which do not do a good job of keeping the heat in. They used current technology that are used in thermos’ to make a new carafe.

A thermal carafe coffee maker uses a stainless steel carafe that holds heat in extra long, keeping your coffee hot and for much longer too. This keeps your coffee fresh as well, and eliminates the need to keep warming your coffee using your stove or an electric burner, which saves gas or electricity.

Actually on most models you can set the coffee to brew in advance, so that you can wake up to hot coffee, or maybe set it before you go out on a morning job, and you won’t have to worry about it being cold since it is sealed inside of the carafe.

One other advantage is that you won’t have to throw away the extra coffee after you have your one cup. You can save some for someone else in your family, or some more for yourself later. If you are looking for a nice thermal coffee maker, then you can’t go wrong with a Cuisinart thermal coffee maker. I personally have model DCC-1150 and have loved it since I got it.

It can make up to ten cups automatically, and features a twenty four hour timer that you can brew whenever you want the maker to brew. It comes with the brew pause feature so that you can pour while it is brewing.

 The carafe is double insulated so that it keeps the coffee extra warm. It is strong and durable, but just in case it comes with a three year limited warranty. It also has a built in water filter that purifies the water, which in turn purifies the coffee in the process.

It is designed with a sense of class and can be used anywhere in your home. Overall, if you are in the market for a thermal coffee maker, you should seriously consider a Cuisinart. Thermal coffee makers are much better than regular coffee makers, are inexpensive, and can really keep your coffee hot and fresh.…